Will your recipe rise to the top? National Festival of Breads opens entries for 2023 contest

Whether it is a go-to recipe, a revamped family favorite or a combination of unique-to-you flavors, put your creativity to the test in the quest to become the Best of Breads Champion in the 2023 National Festival of Breads.

Enter your favorite yeast bread or roll recipe now through Feb. 13 for the chance to win prizes and share your tips and tricks with other amateur bakers across the country.

“The National Festival of Breads builds upon a rich tradition of grassroots support and is the nation’s only amateur yeast bread baking competition,” said Cindy Falk, co-chairperson of the event and nutrition educator for Kansas Wheat. “Our virtual contest offers expanded opportunities for competitors and for those at home to join us in celebrating the creativity of America’s home bakers.”

The eighth National Festival of Breads is sponsored by King Arthur Baking Company and Kansas Wheat. Entries for the virtual contest are open now through Feb. 13. Each eligible entry will be reviewed by a qualified panel of food experts and selected recipes will be test baked in the Kansas Wheat Test Kitchen, Manhattan, Kansas.

This year’s contest includes four categories:

1. Quick and Easy. Create a yeast bread or roll recipe using time-saving steps, techniques and ingredients for a busy lifestyle in four hours or less, including baking time. Any dough must be fully baked. A bread machine may be used.

2. Wholesome and Healthy. Revamp an old family recipe, heirloom recipe or a tried-and-true favorite using healthier ingredients. Explain why it is healthy.

3. Go Nuts. Create a yeast bread or roll recipe incorporating nuts in the dough or filling.

4. Say Cheese. Submit your original yeast bread or roll recipe using your favorite cheese(s).

The overall Best of Breads champion will be announced on June 1. Each category winner will receive a baking bundle prize package and the overall champion will receive $1,000. A People’s Choice winner will also be selected from the category winners by online voters and will receive an additional prize package.

Here are a few tips from Falk to help you earn a spot in the nation’s premier bread baking contest.

1. Recipes must be an original yeast bread or roll recipe. The possibilities are endless—try adding new flavor combinations (especially nuts and cheese this year), change the appearance, explore your heritage or dig into those treasured old cookbooks to update a family favorite with modern or healthier options.

2. While the contest does award artistic flair, make sure your recipe follows the official rules to rise to the top. For example, the contest requires using at least 75% wheat flour, and the remaining amount may be other flour, which offers many options to mix up your recipe. Each recipe should also make one or more loaves of bread or at least one dozen rolls.

3. Accuracy is important, so proofread your recipe for every detail. Make sure you have provided the list of ingredients in the order that they will be used and have given accurate and concise step-by-step directions. Double-check measurements—including that they follow U.S. measurement standards (e.g., cup, tablespoon, teaspoon)—and do not forget the temperature of liquids like water or milk.

4. When you have tested and re-tested your recipe in your kitchen, show off that beautiful loaf or roll. A photograph is required with your entry; luckily taking a photo with your cell phone is a snap. Cut at least one slice or roll to show the inside and outside of your entry—this is also required.

Looking for more tips for a successful recipe submission? Check out https://festivalofbreads.com/tips. Find more information on the 2023 National Festival of Breads, check out previous winners, and submit your original recipe and photo at festivalofbreads.com.