Facebook fascination threatens relationships


This is a real problem to me. It seems to me that my wife is very preoccupied with social media. She is a Facebook fanatic to the point that she seems to ignoring me and our children. I don’t know if this is normal but I will say that it is irritating to me. The kids and I talk at dinner when I get home, but it is hard to engage her in conversation because she has her face in her phone.

I have not talked to my friends but I’m ready to talk to someone. When I bring up the subject she acts like I am the one who has the problem. I wonder if this is normal. I love my wife, but I have a few limits when it comes to this odd behavior. She was not like this awhile back. I wonder if she is more interested in Facebook, and possibly some man she has met, than in me.

I am at a loss. What should I do?


It sounds like a problem that some people go through, because in my opinion social media offers attention that they may not be getting otherwise. It is difficult when you are in the middle of this kind of challenge.

What you don’t say is how the relationship was before the Facebook fascination. You, like many other couples, may have not had the time and given the attention to each other that is required in a marriage. It seems that this is normal to a degree, but not the healthiest way of maintaining a relationship. I believe that marriages can turn around and you can find your way.

If you have talked without blaming and really used good communication skills and have gotten nowhere, then I would say find a professional to get a better understanding of what would be a good plan going forward. Please don’t stew about it. Find a good way to say what you mean.

Find a good counselor and talk about what you are going through and gain some insight.

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