Company releases latest high-yield sesame

Equinom Ltd., a food-tech company aimed at helping farmers earn money while protecting the soil, has created new varieties of high-yield sesame that are ideal for the High Plains climate.

Smarter Sesame yields up to 2,200 pounds per acre of oil-rich, drought-resistant sesame seeds, said Oron Gar, chief operations officer at Equinom, Indianapolis, Indiana. “Growers throughout the southern United States are earning up to $500 in net profit per acre of Equinom Smarter Sesame.”

“The U.S. is an importer of sesame and we feel that the demand cannot only be displaced by local production it’s growing as well,” said Brady Sidwell, an Oklahoma grain handler. “We think that we will be able to grow it here in the U.S. and displace some of the import market—there’s a huge domestic market.

The crop fits well in growing behind wheat or cotton. It is ideal for drylands operations and uses significantly less water than other irrigated crops, the company said. Sesame residue protects soil from erosion and its deep root structure improves soil tilth, which promotes better yield for next crop in the rotation.

The Equinom seeds are naturally higher in protein and machine harvestable for delicious, nutritious and eco-friendly products sought by consumers. Smarter Sesame is a non-GMO .

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