Youth for the Quality Care of Animals moving to a new platform

Youth for the Quality Care of Animals is making some changes that could impact many across Kansas. A national multi-species quality assurance program for youth ages 8 to 21, YQCA focuses on training young people in food safety, humane animal care and life skill development and is a required certification for exhibitors by many county and state livestock shows, including the Kansas Junior Livestock Show and Kansas State Fair.

As of March 23, the organization will be launching a new website platform. In preparation for the transition and to prevent data being lost, YQCA is asking those who already have completed their training to download their current and valid YQCA certificate before March 22, as they will not be accessible after that date. Those currently registered for a YQCA training, either web-based or instructor-led, that will be done prior to March 22 should complete the training as planned and download their certificate. For those signed up for an instructor-led training that is scheduled for March 23 or after, the organization is asking that the registration be cancelled so a refund can be issued.

As early as March 23, a new account can be created at A help sheet will be released on that date detailing the steps on how to create accounts, purchase courses, download certificates, etc.