Headlines we’d like to read

Dave Bergmeier

In a tradition with High Plains Journal and many other publications, with the new year columnists and editors like to start off on a positive note and now more than ever we need those vibes.

The challenges from drought, inflation and higher expenses that filled many of the challenges that were important stories to tell are going to stay in our wheelhouse, too. As a result as we look to stay optimistic for 2023 and beyond. We are also realistic and know many of the challenges and questions we have had in the past year will have some coattails. Many are tired of the political rhetoric that only can sap the positivity out of a room.

The purpose of writing positive headlines is good for the demeanor, too. So here are a few thoughts that went through this editor’s head.

• Mother Nature brings gentle rains to reverse drought

• Interest rate hikes begin to recede

• Fertilizer costs stabilize ahead of spring planting

• Diesel fuel reverses upward trend

• Russia ends invasion into Ukraine

• Mexico eases off ban on GMO corn

• Consumers continue to relish farm-raised products

• Rural artists find mainstream success

• Appreciation for farmers, ranchers hits all-time high

• Capacity for meat processors continues to grow, diversify

• President signs bipartisan bill to fix immigration

• Fentanyl upswing curbed

• Nation’s cattle herd starts rebuild ahead of schedule

• Plentiful snow helps planet wheat crop

• WOTUS saga finally ends

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• State-of-the-art broadband covers all counties in High Plains

• Regulators ease off pesticide, herbicide restrictions

• Supply chain challenges appear in rear view mirror

• Global exports reach record levels

• Farmers find more marketing opportunities

• On-farm accidents decline as awareness rises

• Record number of operations pen transition plans

• Soil health practices see renaissance in acceptance

• Research dollars reach record high

• Buoyed by clearer picture, mental health outlook improves

• Farm machinery sales continue to rise

• KC wins Super Bowl, World Series in same year (hey, one has to dream big)

Feel free to write your own headlines in your own time, with a dose of good humor and optimism. Hope springs eternal, a saying attributed to English poet Alexander Pope in “An Essay on Man,” remains fitting for farmers and ranchers and their families.

Dave Bergmeier can be reached at 620-227-1822 or [email protected].