Dairy webinar to address raw milk law in Iowa

In response to questions from producers and the industry surrounding the raw milk legislation recently signed by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, the dairy team with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach will hold a webinar, called “Raw milk for human consumption: Issues to consider.” The webinar will be held on July 12, from 6 to 9 p.m. CDT.

This free webinar will be geared toward dairy producers and potential producers interested in the new rules surrounding raw milk sales in Iowa.

Attendees will learn about these new rules and regulations as well as how to manage raw milk risk and best practices for sample collection of raw milk.

The following presenters will share information and answer questions from the audience:

• Senator Jason Schultz, the District 6 Republican legislator who sponsored the bill, will outline his vision and reason for the legislation.

• Kitt Tovar, staff attorney and manager of the Beginning Farmer Center at Iowa State, will outline liability for producers.

• Pat Gorden, veterinarian with the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State, will discuss best practices for sample collection under the new rules.

• Mark McAfee, MaAfee Farms and Organic Pastures, will tell how he handles raw milk.

• Stephanie Clark, professor in food science and human nutrition at Iowa State, will discuss the role of sanitation in producing raw milk.

• Larry Tranel and Fred Hall, dairy specialists with ISU Extension and Outreach, will discuss their top three issues in managing a 10-cow dairy.

"There has been quite a bit of uncertainty and questions surrounding these new rules," said Gail Carpenter, dairy specialist with ISU Extension and Outreach. "Our goal is to provide producers with the most current information so that they can make informed decisions in light of this legislation."

Interested producers and potential producers are encouraged to attend the free webinar by pre-registering at least one hour prior to the program at https://go.iastate.edu/SIHLB6.

For more information, contact the ISU Extension and Outreach dairy field specialist in your area: in northwest Iowa, Fred M. Hall, 712-737-4230 or [email protected]; in northeast Iowa, Jennifer Bentley, 563-382-2949 or [email protected]; in east central Iowa, Larry Tranel, 563-583-6496 or [email protected]; in Ames, Gail Carpenter, 515-294-9085 or [email protected].