GCCC Meats Judging Team wins 2023 Beef Empire Days competition

Pictured, left to right: Gavin Romshek, Jordan McVey, Hannah Missler, Ashlyn Christmann, Adison George, Ryann Kloepping and Blake Schilling. (Photo courtesy of Garden City Community College.)

The 2023 GCCC Meat Judging Team started their fall campaign in a big way, winning the Beef Empire Days Contest by an impressive 128 points. The team also won last year, making this the first back-to-back contest win for Beef Empire Days in program history. This year’s competition featured 40 individuals from six colleges and universities.

The GCCC team placed 1st in Beef Grading, Lamb Judging, Pork Judging, Placings and Total Beef while being 2nd in Beef Judging and Questions. Additionally, GCCC Meats posted the 4th all time highest score in GCCC Meat Judging history with 3,756 points.

Individually, Ashlyn Christmann, Garden City, and Jordan McVey, Sublette, led the way for the team. Christmann was High Individual overall in the contest, posting the 4th highest individual score in GCCC team history (967 points). She was 1st in placings, 2nd in Beef Grading, Beef Judging, Lamb Judging and Total Beef while placing 3rd in Pork Judging and Questions.

McVey was 2nd high individual, putting up the 9th highest score in GCCC history by placing 1st in Beef Grading (3rd highest in GCCC history) and Total Beef, 2nd in Placings, 3rd in Lamb Judging and 5th in Beef Judging.

Adison George, Holcomb, was 4th high individual overall ranking 2nd in Pork Judging and 4th in Placings. Hannah Missler, Bryan, Ohio, was 10th overall. Alternates included Blake Schilling, Cimarron, who was 1st high alternate overall, Ryann Kloepping, Eustis, Nebraska, was 5th high alternate, and Gavin Romshek, Shelby, Nebraska, was 8th high alternate overall.

The GCCC Meats Team is coached by Clint Alexander and Skyler Glenn.