Implement Command system added to soil prep tool

Great Plains Max-Chisel is an innovative soil tool with Implement Command. (Courtesy photo.)

Great Plains, Salina, Kansas, has expanded the family of Implement Command-compatible products to include Max-Chisel.

The Max-Chisel is an aggressive soil management tool that is designed to achieve complete soil fracture, even at shallower depths. In the fall, the Max-Chisel helps remove ruts, limit erosion, and capture moisture through vertical tillage.

In the spring, the Max-Chisel prepares the soil for a single pass with a seedbed preparation tool, like the VT1100 Turbo-Max.

For added control and convenience, the Max-Chisel is now offered with the optional Implement Command system. It allows producers to set, adjust, and monitor the implement from the tractor cab. The Max-Chisel joins several other Great Plains models that are compatible with Implement Command. They include include VT1100 Turbo-Maxes, Velocity, and select models of HT1100 Terra-Maxes and disc harrows.

ICS allows producers to make active decisions and real-time field adjustments to improve yield potential and soil health.

With Implement Command, several tillage functions can be easily controlled with a push of a button. Producers can control the Max-Chisel’s tillage depth and finisher pressure for customized results.

On the 17- and 19-shank models, producers can use on-screen controls to easily dial in the amount of wing down pressure desired for their field conditions.

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