Company unveils 30-foot planter to help operators

AGCO Corporation's Fendt Momentum planter. (Courtesy photo.)

AGCO Corporation, Duluth, Georgia, has introduced a new 30-foot model for its Fendt Momentum planter line, making its agronomically advanced capabilities available to a wider range of farming operations.

With the addition of the 30-foot model, Fendt’s Momentum planter is now offered in 30- to 60-foot machines with liquid and dry fertilizer systems, and in 12- and 23-row configurations with 30- and 15-inch spacing, respectively.

With its innovative Vertical Contouring Toolbar, Momentum can follow the topography of your terrain. The tool provdes 52 inches of vertical planting range. Its exclusive SmartFrame technology puts each row unit in the best possible position for row cleaning, downforce, furrow creation, seed placement and closing.

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