Firm markets, distributes product to aid seed placement

Set Exact. (Courtesy photo.)

New Ag Supply of Chase, Kansas, and Swihart Solutions, have agreed on an exclusivity deal for the marketing and distribution of Set Exact. The new product helps farmers achieve more consistent seed placement while planting through more customizable downforce.

Set Exact was designed to address farmer’s needs for a more customized downforce for their planters. Unlike the standard OEM tailpiece downforce only allowing for four different settings, the attachment will allow for nine different downforce settings. That provides more adjustability in setting the proper spring tension for their planting conditions.

Set Exact is easy to install with the existing holes, and is shipped with all hardware needed. Set Exact is designed to fit John Deere XPTM and ME5TM planters with spring down pressure.

“We are very excited to add Set Exact to our lineup of closing wheel products. Seed trench closure is important to building proper seed to soil contact. Good seed to soil contact creates more uniform emergence and maximizes germination. By allowing the planter operator more options for closing wheel pressures, they can match their field conditions to achieve the best possible results,” says Brian Sieker, New Ag Supply founder and owner.

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