Not so common courtesy speaks volumes 

(Photo courtesy of Certified Angus Beef.)

Ten percent, 15 or 20? Most of the time the debate is easy, but on occasion you experience service at a restaurant that is over the top. Unique and memorable. From greeting to dessert, it is above and beyond. 

This has not happened to me for quite some time, but it did earlier this week at a classic diner. A simple Dr. Pepper, bacon cheeseburger and fries created a lasting impression. So much so that I shared it with a handful of people within 24 hours. It was incredible. 

Zachary Stuckey
Zachary Stuckey

What is most fascinating about my experience was that it had nothing to do with the menu but had everything to do with the service. Their effort and care to serve was consistent from customer to customer. The staff was engaged and exerted a habitual passion to do a little bit more than the job required. It was authentic behavior that deserved salute. 

That type of courtesy is more commonly found in agriculture. I am thankful to be part of the agriculture industry and rural communities.  Much like that diner, going the extra mile is never extra, it is standard. And where a sincere connection lasts generations instead of just a short lunch hour. 

As a company, High Plains Journal believes in our agriculture family. We believe that faith in each other can build a vibrant and thriving industry dedicated to helping our neighbors. It brings me immense joy to celebrate the seventh year of Agriculture Cares. This program was built to recognize and salute people who go above and beyond to improve their community, their country and their world.  

During the months of October and November, High Plains Journal has again partnered with Farm Rescue and Agriculture in the Classroom. As part of a donation-based subscription campaign, we will donate 25% of new, renewal, and gift subscription revenue to our non-profit partners and your state chapters. Please take the time to learn more at Thank you for your continued generosity and investment in your community’s ag future. Together we have raised over $54,000 in donations for these partners in the last two years alone. 

Remember, it is never about the sandwich, it is about the sauce. Stay true to who you inherently are. Commit to caring about the details and set a standard of effort beyond what is required. Debate will shift toward harmony and the 20% experience will no longer be such a rarity. 

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