Headlines we’d like to read 

Kindergarten kids friends arm around sitting smiling (Photo: iStock - Rawpixel)

As the calendar turned from 2023 to 2024 one of the fun opportunities for an editor is to write headlines he or she would like to see come to fruition. 

The drumbeat of negative news and stories that clog the airways, crowd out print space or dominate the web can make any of us question our sanity. With the right perspective and a positive mindset, we can make a difference in our lives and those around us. 

So here are a few of mine to get the thoughts flowing: 

• A bipartisan farm bill signed before spring planting 

• Steady stream of timely rains lift High Plains out drought; 

• Cowherd numbers continue to build; 

• Easing of regulations welcomed by producers, ag businesses; 

• Fed looks to cut interest rates again; 

• Families take heed of estate planning; 

• Weed pressure declines with healthy crops; 

• Rural lawmakers show way to lead; 

• Broadband expansion means success in remote areas; 

• Fuel prices, input costs hold steady; 

• Rural communities continue positive population trends; 

• Unexpected global markets a boon for agriculture; and  

• Consumers bullish on farm products. 

A few personal ones: 

• Cure for cancer continues march to success; 

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• Families continue to work together to help those in need; 

• Kansas City Royals make the playoffs (yes, a guy can dream); 

• Tax burden lessens for most Americans; 

• Inflation appears to be in rear-view mirror; and  

• Elections conducted peacefully with no discrepancies. 

Make sure you write your own headlines that bring a smile to you and your family and share it with them. Happy New Year to all our readers and blessings for good health and prosperity. 

Soil Health U

With the new year it also means High Plains Journal has planned its annual Soil Health event, scheduled for Jan. 17 to 18, at the Tony’s Pizza Event Center in Salina, Kansas. Field Editor Lacey Vilhauer’s cover story this week provides attendees a roadmap of what they can expect to get out of the conference. 

We hope that farmers and ranchers and soil health advocates will find it informative. As with any event the key is to find what nugget you can take to apply to your own operation. 

The fee to attend is $125 for pre-registration and $135 for on-site registration; students and educators can attend for $50. HPJ subscribers can also take advantage of a $25 registration discount by using the code that can be found on Soil Health U advertising in the publication. To learn more about the speakers, schedule and to pre-register, visit www.soilhealthu.net.  

Dave Bergmeier can be reached at 620-227-1822 or [email protected].