Maybe worrying will help?

Juanita Sanchez - "Problem"


Recently I have felt very anxious about most things. It could be as simple as going to the grocery store. I cannot remember when this first came on, but I think it was when we were taking all the precautions because of COVID. We are almost three years into that problem, and since I’ve heard once again that it is going on again, I have become even more vigilant. My husband just laughs it off, but I have spent sleepless nights awake and afraid, not only because of that but the state of the world. I’m so fed up with myself that I know I make it worse for my family and I.  

I feel like I am scaring my children with all of my fears. They behave so differently with me than they do with their father. They are relaxed around him and a little stressed with me. I am trying to feel relaxed, but I seem to have developed some odd habits, that I never had before. Sometimes I understand how it feels to be beside myself. I would not wish this on anyone else, and I am beginning to think I’ve lost it.   

My doctor has said over and over there is nothing wrong. Where do I go and who do I see?  


You may need to see a therapist who specializes in anxiety. It sounds like you have some of those symptoms. It has been a rough couple of years for many people. I think sometimes being so well informed about the supposed state of the world is difficult to cope with. If you watch too much of the bad news, it can cause worry and concern. If you are sensitive anyway it can seem overwhelming. There are many techniques that can help. Going to the internet is helpful to figure out some things that can help, but I believe that having a therapist that is one on one with you allows you to learn a little more in a setting where you feel that you can be honest and you trust the person to hear you out is invaluable.   

It is rough and you need to have some guidance, so please do not feel that there are no answers. There are ways of coping that you may not have learned. Give yourself some time and be compassionate with yourself and find someone to talk to about what is going on with you.   

It is true that you cannot fix a problem doing the same thing that you have always done will not get you to a different place. 

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