Great Plains grows PL series planter line with new 60-foot planter

Great Plains PL series. (Courtesy photo.)

Great Plains, Salina, Kansas, has expanded its PL series planter line with the new PL5905 model. Addressing the needs of large-acreage producers, the PL5905 planter is a 60-foot bulk fill planter that transports under 16 feet and holds 164 bushels of seed on board for maximum in-field productivity.

Available in 15- and 30-inch row spacings and equipped with a dual-fan system, the PL5905 excels at planting traditional crops like soybeans and corn, as well as alternative seeds like hemp and canola.

At the heart of the PL5905 is the new 5005 series row unit. The new 5005 series row unit features 15-inch, 4-miliimeter offset blades with triple-lip sealed bearings to ensure long life and accurate seed depth, helping contribute to more uniform stands. For enhanced durability and planter longevity, the PL5905 is built with new, ductile cast parallel arms and opener bodies with larger pivot bushings. Additionally, the PL5905 offers a choice of coulters and closing wheels to fit regional conditions and ensure seeds get off to the right start.

The new 5005 series row units are compatible with practical technology, including the Great Plains AccuShot in-row fertilizer application system and Ag Leader’s SureForce hydraulic downforce technology, a dealer-installed option.

Like many of the other planters in the PL series family, the PL5905 also uses a positive air metering system and features individual row control electric drive, which helps producers implement variable-rate seeding, section control, and turn-row compensation to maximize efficiency and inputs. For added convenience, the PL5905 uses an ISO-6 control system and is compatible with all AEF-certified ISOBUS virtual terminals.

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