Mixed pansies in garden (Photo: iStock - AnjoKanFotografie)
Onions (Photo: Cindy Haynes)

Yard and Garden: planting and growing onions

  • By Aaron J. Steil │ Iowa State University Extension and Outreach
Some homeowners may choose to save on their watering bill by waiting a couple weeks later to seed cool-season grasses this year, says Kansas State University horticulture expert Ward Upham. (Photo courtesy of K-State Research and Extension.)

Lawn calendar for cool-season grasses

Salad plantation in a square garden at springtime, and some tomato plantation and flowers. (Photo: iStock - NCAImages)

Companion planting: Positive partnerships that produce more

Young potatoes roots in vegetables garden harvesting top view (Photo: iStock - Olha_Afanasieva)

Time to plant potatoes in Kansas

Woman feeling relaxed gardening in her garden (Photo: iStock - Dejan_Dundjerski)

Gardening has wellness benefits for all ages

  • By Maddy Rohr │ Kansas State University Research and Extension
Hands Planting The Seedlings Into The Ground (Photo: iStock - RomoloTavani)

Soil temperature is important for germination in the garden

Melon in nursery tray, young melon plant growing in greenhouse. (Photo: iStock - Sundaemorning)

Kick-start spring by getting into the garden