High Plains Mental Health Center offers on-demand services to Northwest Kansas

High Plains Mental Health Center is excited to announce its latest effort to provide better access to mental health services for the people of Northwest Kansas through a partnership with the United Methodist Health Fund and 7 Cups of Tea. 7 Cups of Tea is an online behavioral and emotional health program that connects individuals to a variety of services including personalized growth paths, peer support group conversations and the option to chat with specially trained, volunteer listeners in a one-on-one chat environment.

This partnership will provide every person in twenty counties with access to 7 Cups’ premium features that would normally require a monthly subscription. The goal is to provide supportive services to the people of Northwest Kansas who might otherwise struggle gaining access to mental health services in our rural environment or would benefit from on-demand peer support. To sign up for your free 7 Cups of Tea account visit www.7cups.com.

High Plains Mental Health Center is a licensed community mental health center dedicated to the aggressive pursuit of providing a comprehensive mental health program to the citizens of Northwest Kansas. Embodied in this pursuit are fundamental principles of establishing quality services as close to home as possible at an affordable fee and delivered in the least disruptive manner available. Such services will offer a continuum of care so that treatment can be individualized and our staff can respond quickly and compassionately to those reaching out to us.