Grain Craft increases commitment to quality with additional donation to wheat research foundation

Grain Craft, the largest independent flour miller in the nation, has increased its commitment to improving wheat quality with another gift to the Kansas Wheat Commission Research Foundation. The gift will build upon previous support of research to improve wheat quality and yield through proper fertility management.

"Preliminary results from the research indicate there is a strong correlation between proper fertility management of wheat by farmers and not only the quantity, but quality of the protein produced," according to Romulo Lollato, Wheat Production Extension Specialist at Kansas State University in Manhattan.

Grain Craft’s contribution makes the company a lead sponsor of the Fields Forward Campaign. Fields Forward is the campaign to raise $4 million for the KWCRF. The three focuses of the campaign are funding of ongoing wheat research, developing future research talent, and building funds for the long-term support of wheat research facilities and technology. More information is available at

"Grain Craft has led by example as a liaison between its customers and wheat scientists," said Justin Gilpin, CEO for the Kansas Wheat Commission. They educate their customers about wheat quality while communicating those quality needs upstream to the research community. That dialogue is invaluable."

"Grain Craft is committed to sourcing wheat with excellent milling and baking characteristics," said Alan Koenig, Chief Supply Chain Officer for Grain Craft. "We are proud to further our support of the ongoing improvement of wheat quality and the advancement of quality for the entire supply chain."

Grain Craft has a longstanding relationship with the Kansas Wheat Commission and Kansas State University. The company has supported each with collaborative partnerships, special funding and data analysis assistance throughout the years. In addition, Grain Craft participates in the internship program which is fielded through the KSU Grain Science department.