Staying independent

Many people make financial plans for retirement, but not everyone plans for the mobility changes that may come with age. One in four Americans now 65 years old will live into their 90s. It makes good sense to plan for what’s ahead.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention developed the MyMobility Plan to help older adults address possible changes and stay safe, mobile, and independent longer. This planning tool can guide you to take action today to help keep yourself—or your loved ones—independent and in their own community in the future.

Work through the three sections of this mobility planning tool and create your own My Mobility Plan as you discover:

MySelf—a plan to manage personal health to maintain mobility and stay independent;

MyHome—a home safety checklist to help prevent falls; and

MyNeighborhood—a plan to get around in the community.

Another area that can affect mobility is medicines. As we age, our bodies process what we eat and drink—including medicines—differently. Medicines that worked well in the past could have side effects now or in the future. Some side effects—such as dizziness or sleepiness—might cause falls or car crashes, which are the leading causes of injury among older adults. CDC developed a new fact sheet and worksheets to help older adults work together with their doctors or pharmacists to review those medicines that might have dangerous side effects.

Download your own MyMobility Plan today to create a personalized plan for a healthy, mobile, and independent life for you or your loved ones.