New Mexico COVID-19 resources available

During the COVID-19 pandemic there are many sources of information for self and family care and safety.

New Mexico State University College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences has established a website,, where NMSU Cooperative Extension Service is providing relevant and reliable information regarding issues associated with the pandemic that impact individuals, families and communities.

The website provides links to resources about health and wellness, family life, personal finances, nutrition and food, food safety and handwashing, and farming and farmers’ markets.

Through the “Family Life,” and “Health and Wellness” pages, viewers may access the NM Crisis and Access Line and resources for supporting children’s emotional wellbeing during the pandemic. There are also links to information in Spanish.

The health and wellness page includes information on preparing for self-isolation, handmade do-it-yourself facemasks, emergency preparedness of sheltering at home, and how you can tell the difference between allergies, cold, flu and COVID-19.

For kids, there is a link to a game that encourages kids to not share germs titled “Don’t Be Gross,” created by NMSU’s Innovative Media Research and Extension department.

On the “Protecting your Money” page, links are available on how to protect finances during the pandemic, including steps to take if having trouble paying bills or meeting other financial obligations.

Through the “Nutrition and Food” page, viewers may learn tips for shopping, food selection and getting kids involved in cooking. It also includes links to tasty and low-cost recipes provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as well as recipes in Spanish.

Tips for handwashing and surface cleaning, including videos in English and Spanish, are available through the Food Safety page.

The “Farming and Farmers’ Markets” page includes information about washing fresh produce once it is purchased and what the growers have done to prevent contamination. There is also access to information for New Mexico agriculture industry related to COVID-19.