We’re all in this together: All Aboard Wheat Harvest set for latest run

Dave Bergmeier

It takes many hands to bring the wheat from the field to the mill to the bakery to your table. This year’s All Aboard Wheat Harvest will emphasize that “we’re all in this together.”

As the campaign is about to begin, we are pleased to announce we have five returning correspondents, including Janel Schemper, Brian Jones, Laura Haffner, Lindsey Orgain and Stephanie Cronje, who many readers may recognize this longtime correspondent by her maiden name of Osowski. This week we are going to re-introduce you to the correspondents so that readers can better understand their backgrounds and what they expect from the season ahead.

As in previous years, you can follow our correspondents as they make the harvest run in our print pages each week, as well as online in their blog posts, photos and videos.

New this year, we are adding the opportunity to “Ask a Harvester” each week at the All Aboard Wheat Harvest Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/allaboardharvest. Be sure to follow the page for updated schedules so you can ask your favorite crew questions about the crop, their work or life on the road. They can also be followed on Twitter (@AllAboardTour).

The correspondents will also appear each week on our podcast, HPJ Talk. You can listen free over iTunes, Spotify and www.hpj.com/podcasts. The correspondents will take the leadership role in providing the coverage. We hope whatever format you like to follow them on the harvest trail that you will find the information helpful, plus fun, entertaining and worthy of reminiscing.

Another added feature this campaign will be insight from Associate Editor Jennifer M. Latzke Field Editors Kylene Scott and Lacey Newlin, and Copy Editor Jennifer Theurer. These experienced journalists will bring the stories of the people and places of the wheat harvest, those allies of farmers and harvesters who make the season run smoothly. Wheat harvests have changed over the years. At one time cutting 80 acres a day was considered a major milestone. Today a single machine can cut more than three times that in a day.

As in previous years, the harvesters are eagerly anticipating a bountiful harvest. How will it turn out? We cannot tell you either, but we take great comfort in knowing that the eyes and ears of the harvest season will be seen firsthand by the All Aboard Wheat Harvest correspondents as not only will be providing content they will also be regularly blogging at www.allaboardharvest.com.

We also wanted to take a note to say thanks to Tracy Zeorian, an original correspondent, who has opted not to return this year. Her many seasons brought great comfort to readers who got to know her husband, Jim, and the couple’s four daughters, who were integral in the family’s harvest run. We enjoyed following how those daughters grew up and onto their own lives. Jim and Tracy are committed to continuing their harvest run in 2020. If you see them, please express your appreciation to them as they are true champions on the trail.

We hope that you enjoy the All Aboard Harvest over the next three months. It is a commitment we love to do with the help of our primary sponsors, Unverferth Manufacturing and Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children and other sponsors who make it possible.

Dave Bergmeier can be reached at 620-227-1822 or [email protected].