Tulsa cattle auction summary

The Tulsa Stockyards, Tulsa, Oklahoma, reported receipts of 1,730 head of cattle selling on Dec. 14, compared to 4,629 head on Dec. 7 and 3,024 head a year ago, according to the USDA-Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Market News, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The total included 1,568 head of feeder cattle, 110 head of slaughter cattle and 52 head of replacement cattle, compared to a week ago’s total of 4,179 head of feeder cattle, 402 head of slaughter cattle and 48 hed of replacement cattle. A year ago the total was 2,715 head of feeder cattle, 225 head of slaughter cattle and 84 head of replacement cattle. The stockyards will resume sales on Jan. 4, 2021. Compared to the previous week, the heavy snow throughout the trade area kept receipts too few for a comparison. However, 700- to 800-pound cattle had a higher undertone noted. The calves had a slightly lower undertone noted. The quality was mostly attractive. The demand was good. The slaughter cows and bulls were mostly steady in a light test. A total of 162 cows and bulls was sold with 22% going to packers. The supply included 91% feeder cattle with 56% steers, 42% were heifers and 2% were bulls; 6% was slaughter cattle with 80% cows and 20% were bulls; and 3% was replacement cattle with 87% bred heifers and 13% were cow-calf pairs. The feeder cattle supply weighing over 600 pounds was 61%.