BASF launches Axant Flex technology for cotton growers

BASF, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, announced Dec. 14 its newest cotton innovation to prevail over resistant weeds, Axant Flex herbicide trait technology. This quadruple-trait herbicide stack provides tolerance to Alite 27 herbicide, BASF’s latest herbicide offering for cotton growers battling difficult to control weeds. This innovation is in addition to proven resistance management herbicide solutions Liberty and Engenia as well as glyphosate. BASF plans to bring Axant Flex technology to market in select FiberMax and Stoneville cottonseed varieties for the 2023 growing season, pending herbicide regulatory approval and identified country import approvals for the trait event.

“Herbicide-resistant weed pressure is one of the most pervasive challenges cotton growers face,” said Luke Mankin, BASF North America regional marketing manager. “For decades, BASF has committed to bringing cotton growers new solutions to combat increasingly resistant weeds, and now with Axant Flex technology, we can give growers back the control and flexibility they need to more effectively win the war against weeds.”

BASF says weeds not only rob yield but also quality in cotton.

Next-level Innovation

The launch of Axant Flex technology provides cotton growers with the latest innovations in weed management as well as a few firsts for the cotton industry:

• Axant Flex technology features the Axant herbicide trait, the first trait developed and commercialized in cotton to enable the use of Alite 27 herbicide, an HPPD herbicide, plus GlyTol, LibertyLink and XtendLink technology traits.

• XtendLink technology enables cotton growers to spray over-the-top applications of Engenia herbicide.

• With Axant Flex technology, BASF will be the first and only company to offer a quadruple-herbicide tolerant or resistant trait stack in cotton in the U.S. market that helps growers gain control over yield-robbing weeds like Palmer amaranth.

Increased flexibility

Axant Flex technology provides cotton growers more weed control options and improved flexibility in creating weed management strategies.

• Growers can use four modes of action for more effective control of resistant weeds.

• Upon Environmental Protection Agency approval, Alite 27 herbicide will provide more flexibility for many growers earlier in the season and can be applied pre-emergence or early post-emergence, as well as tank-mixed with other residual and knockdown herbicides to work within growers’ weed management program.

• The use of Alite 27 herbicide provides early control of difficult to manage weeds, giving cotton growers peace of mind and a widened application window to address post-emergent weed issues without the need to rush back into the field.

Axant Flex technology will be bred into the genetics growers have come to trust from BASF cottonseed brands, FiberMax and Stoneville. With the new Axant Flex trait technology, growers will not have to choose between the weed control they want and the fiber quality and yield potential they demand.

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