Read Luke 13:18-21

[The kingdom of God] is like a mustard seed that someone took and sowed in the garden; it grew and became a tree, and the birds of the air made nests in its branches.—Luke 13:19 (NRSV)

After finishing a sandwich one day, I saw a poppy seed from the crust roll across the palm of my hand. I marveled at the idea that something that tiny contained everything necessary to grow a flower. This made me think of Jesus’ words about how faith as small as a mustard seed can grow into something much larger and more fruitful.

Growth in the kingdom of God is often a slow process. Just as we may not notice a seed turning into a tree or flower, we tend not to notice miracles as they develop. God’s miracles surround us, but they usually take time. We may offer someone a kind word, a listening ear, or a testimony of our faith, only to find years later that the seed was held dear and grew into something that helped them enormously.

Amazingly, if we scatter the seeds, God can produce great things. Let us consider our responses to others carefully because if we speak and act with gentleness and faith, we might be astonished at what wonders can grow from those tiny seeds.

Prayer: Dear God, help us always to be willing to give you the little faith we have so that you can use it for good. Amen.

Thought for the day: God can grow something wonderful from my tiny seeds of faith.

—Keren Dibbens-Wyatt, United Kingdom