Family thinks there is a problem


My family thinks I have a problem. I live on my own so they don’t support me, but they think they should run my life. I drink and it is too much for them, because if I drink around them they often accuse me of being an alcoholic. They’ve heard that I might smoke a little. My brother told them so that is nothing I can’t handle.

I wonder if this is normal behavior on their part. If I lived in their home and drank in front of them all the time I guess I would understand their concern. I have a lot on my mind and sometimes I drink too much. It is true that I might be a little out of control. My point is that I am not in their home being out of control.

How do I tell them nicely to butt out? Or should I say anything at all?


I think it is worth a conversation, but I would like for you to ask yourself if their concern is because they care or because they are trying to get into your business? You did not mention what things were on your mind so I have no idea what might make you drink too much sometimes. You say you are a little out of control. What does that mean?

People may drink too much for all kinds of reasons. The bottom line is that I have never seen many of those people settle a problem when they’ve had too much to drink. Maybe it is up to you to check it out for yourself, to see if there is a problem. Do some reading, go to counseling, and basically check out what makes you want to drink.

Social drinking now and again is pretty normal. Drinking because you have a lot on your mind is different. Go online look at some of the articles and get real about what you are doing. Maybe you are too busy seeing their concern as a bad thing, rather than it might be a legitimate concern. You are the only one who needs to check yourself out and get to the source of the issue you are having with alcohol. Talk to someone you trust and see what you figure out. Being honest with yourself is primary here. Do not be offended by what your family says. Be proactive about your life and what you do.

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