Chemical Weed Control Guide available

Over time, the options for integrated weed management have changed—but the goal has not. Whether we’re talking agronomic crops or range and pasture management, we’re still trying to effectively manage weed populations.

Herbicides are typically one of the first options we consider for weed management and one of the reasons the annual KSU Chemical Weed Control Guide is so popular. Now available online at, this publication provides information on most currently available active ingredients for our major field crops as well as hay fields and pastures.

It even includes sections specific to the various noxious weeds in Kansas. Herbicide efficacy scores are provided as are short summaries of product labels and recommendations. The guide also provides estimated costs, premix lists, and product safety information. It’s a great one stop shop if you are looking to dig a little deeper into product options and evaluations.

Hard copies will be available at winter Extension meetings and local Extension Offices in mid-late January.