Nebraska Youth Range Camp scheduled for June 5-8

Campers identify plants at the Nebraska Youth Range Camp in 2015. (Courtesy photo.)

Students aged 14 to 18 with an interest in rangeland management, conservation, ecology, animal science, and wildlife are encouraged to attend the 59th Nebraska Youth Range Camp at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in Curtis, Nebraska.

The Nebraska Youth Range Camp provides hands-on experience with rangeland and natural resources taught by up to 20 professionals from various agencies, colleges, and universities. With over 55 years to perfect and evolve this curriculum, every student, no matter what prior experience they have, will learn substantial information that will help them become more aware of Nebraska’s most prevalent land use.

Students who attend will participate in field activities, lectures, leadership/team-building activities, and a field trip to a local working ranch.

Interested individuals can find more information, the Range Camp application, and the brochure by visiting the Nebraska Society for Range Management’s website at and then clicking on the Nebraska Youth Range Camp link on the left of the page or sending an email to [email protected]. Applications need to be submitted by May 26. Check with your local Natural Resources District to see if they have scholarships available.