Colorado Beef Council hosts farm tour

The Colorado Beef Council recently hosted its annual Beef Industry Farm Tour with over 20 participants including medical and school nutrition professionals, and members of the all-consumer BEEF Running Team.

The tour gave attendees the opportunity to learn and experience first-hand what is involved in the production of beef from the cow-calf to the feedyard segments of the industry. Stops along the tour included Coyote Ridge Ranch and the Five Rivers-Kuner Feedyard. Through the educational afternoon, tour participants engaged in dialog directly with cattle producers, asked a lot of questions, learned about how technology is utilized in both breeding decisions and animal nutrition, and saw how beef producers implement a wide range of animal welfare practices. They even got to enjoy a hayride along the way.

In a post-tour survey of participants, 100% of those who responded indicated that what they learned and saw on the farm tour positively impacted their perception of the beef industry. Additionally, most of the participants indicated that this experience will have a positive impact on their food purchasing in the future.