Disc mulcher belt drive offers high performance

Disc Mulcher Belt Drive Pro X. (Courtesy photo.)

The new Disc Mulcher Belt Drive Pro X from Diamond Mowers, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is engineered for high-volume use and maximum productivity, this powerful attachment features increased torque to obliterate anything in its path without slowing down.

The Disc Mulcher BD Pro X couples a belt drive with a two-speed hydraulic motor to increase torque and disc speed, allowing users to take full advantage of the mulcher’s potential.

The disc speeds up during re-processing and back-dragging, meaning operators can finish the job in less time. The belt drive system acts as a torque multiplier that prevents the machine from slowing down when slicing through large materials and enables it to recover quickly.

For more information, see a dealer or visit www.diamondmowers.com.