11 new soybean varieties highlighted for 2024

BASF through its brand Xitavo has rolled out 11 new soybean varieties for the 2024 season. (Courtesy photo.)

Top-performing brand Xitavo soybean seed is further expanding its portfolio with the addition of 11 high-yielding varieties for the 2024 growing season.

With these strong agronomic additions, the Xitavo seed portfolio includes 44 varieties covering relative maturities 0.0 to 4.8. All new varieties feature Enlist E3 technology to combat difficult weeds. Xitavo soybean seed is owned by MS Technologies and exclusively distributed by BASF, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Several highlights from the high-yielding new varieties include XO 2444E with good height and standability combination; good PRR field tolerance and STS tolerant; 108.8% above trial average. Another is XO 3014E with dominant performance over competitive checks; excellent PRR field tolerance and STS tolerant; 107.1% above trial average. The XO 3224E offers Peking soybean cyst nematode resistance with excellent PRR field tolerance; consistent across yield environments; 103.9% above trial average. The XO 4084E offers moderately branchy plant with good standability and height; consistent performer with STS tolerance; 106.2% above trial average. The XO 4364E: offers strong performance in higher yielding environments; good tolerance for PRR/SDS/FELS with STS tolerance; 107.1% above trial average.

For more information, see a representative or visit xitavosoybeanseed.com.