Pollard elected president of the American Angus Association

Dr. Barry Pollard of Waukomis, Oklahoma, deals in high-quality Angus seed stock cattle. (Journal photo by Lacey Vilhauer.)

The 140th Angus Convention was recently held in Orlando, Florida, and Dr. Barry Pollard, MD, of Pollard Farms in Waukomis, Oklahoma, was elected president and chairman of the board of the American Angus Association. Apart from his storied career as neurosurgeon, Pollard is also well-known for his Angus cattle operation that he started in 1992. His herd now includes over 30 elite donor cows, 400 performance cows and heifers and 400 to 500 spring and fall calves are raised every year at the ranch. He also owns 27 John Deere dealerships in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Iowa. In November, Pollard will be inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

“I look forward to working with the board and the membership in general, and the staff as well,” Pollard said. “We have such talented people all across that at every level, and we want to hear their ideas. We want to hear how the things we’ve done for them genetically or EPDs are benefiting their herd and what questions they have.”

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