Americana on display with newest AAWH campaign

A rite of summer returns as our All Aboard Wheat Harvest correspondents will begin filing reports for our 16th campaign.

This year will hopefully be one of greater expectations as the Kansas wheat harvest could reach 290 million bushels, which is up significantly from a year ago.

Anyone with familiarity with a wheat crop understands projections are merely that because the final proof is what is in the bin. All eyes are on the harvest, from farmers and ranchers, processors, millers and consumers. They all have a stake in the wheat crop planted last fall. Farmers often quip that the crop dies many times before it ever reaches the bin because of winter dormancy and tantrums Mother Nature may throw at the crop.

Each year, harvesters will find a field where an unexpected boost yield occurs, and we want them to share that news with readers. They will share some of the disappointments, too.

Along the way they will also reacquaint themselves with familiar customers and elevator operations. They will enjoy meeting new ones along the way.

Welcomed guests

They will also be stopping in towns that are off the beaten path, but where they are welcomed with open arms by campgrounds, equipment dealers, cafes and other businesses tied to agriculture. While the modern combines roll efficiently through the fields, many readers grew up on the farm remembering when the combine of choice might have been a Massey Ferguson 750, a John Deere 6600 or International Harvester 715. Those brands continue to resonate with readers.

Today’s custom harvester has to have a skilled and reliable workforce. During the harvest season the correspondents will introduce you to their extended family.

The All Aboard Wheat Harvest shares the story of all the processes through the eyes of our custom cutting correspondents. Two companion pages are dedicated to re-introducing our correspondents—familiar names for returning readers—Laura Haffner, Brian Jones, Christy Paplow and Janel Schemper. They are all experienced harvesters, and each of them has a unique storytelling style.

HPJ shares this coverage on multiple platforms for all readers, and it receives global attention each year. The correspondents and HPJ enjoy hearing stories from readers around the world about the harvest season.

Multiple formats

Our audience can keep up with coverage in HPJ newsprint and the digital edition, view live videos on our social channels and read the daily reports on the blog. Followers can also participate in the program through our weekly giveaways, including our popular T-shirts, and submit photos for the annual photo contest. To learn more about the program, we invite you to follow along at

The All Aboard Wheat Harvest program would be impossible without the support of sponsors, and we encourage people to take the time to thank them.

Sponsors include Lumivia by Corteva Agriscience, High Plains Journal, Merit Auctions, US Custom Harvesters, Inc., Kramer Seed Farms, and Shelbourne Reynolds

We hope you enjoy the 16th campaign of All Aboard Wheat Harvest as the combines roll through the fields of the High Plains.

Dave Bergmeier can be reached at 620-227-1822 or [email protected].