Exapta seeding school will be Aug. 9 near Lorraine, Kansas

Ag education provider and manufacturer Exapta will once again hold its No-Till Seeding School, set this year for Aug. 9 at the Jason Stansbury farm near Lorraine, Kansas. Attendees can choose from either a morning or an afternoon session, starting at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., respectively.

The school builds on Exapta’s DVD, “No-Till Seeding Explained.” The live event will provide in-field training and an opportunity to ask questions about the finer points of no-till seeding.

Matt Hagny, Exapta’s founder and president, will be the main presenter, with additional commentary by longtime no-till farmer, Tom Cannon of Blackwell, Oklahoma. Hagny says, “Tom always has great insights. I don’t know of any other no-tiller who’s as meticulous about planter and drill adjustment as Tom is—he’s even more meticulous than I am, which is quite a feat. And his diligence certainly pays off—Tom’s stands and yields are the envy of the neighborhood.”

Hagny, an authority on no-till seeding, has taken a forensic-type approach to determine what helps and hurts stand establishment with this planting system. During the schools, he distills his findings into the most important take-home points.

“This is an opportunity to brush up on your knowledge before buying adjustments and upgrades for your planters and drills,” Hagny says. “For several reasons that we cover in the school, seed placement in no-till is fundamentally different from tilled systems, but vigorous stands in no-till are more attainable than you might think. You can achieve consistent stands every year in every field.”

Glenn Bauer, a Regan, North Dakota, farmer, attended a previous school and said it was “Well worthwhile, very informational. I could actually see what I was supposed to be doing, rather than just hearing someone talk about it. The planter demonstration was impressive as to the differences in what we’re doing with the operation of each component. Time well spent.”

Enrollment is limited for each session. Tuition is $85.

To enroll or for more information, call 785-820-8000. Payment is by credit card. Questions can be emailed to [email protected]. Lunch will be provided after the morning session and supper will be provided after the afternoon session.