Read Deuteronomy 31:1-8—Psalm 22:4 (NIV)

In you our ancestors put their trust; they trusted and you delivered them.

I love stories with happy endings—in which all the problems are solved, all the loose ends tied up and all the people live happily ever after. I’ve had some happy endings in my life, but I’ve also endured sadness caused by the loss of jobs, possessions and loved ones. Through the years, I’ve discovered that life is more like an adventure than a fairytale.

Moses had his ups and downs, too. He grew up in luxury, committed a crime, fled to another country, found a wife and had a family. Then he came back to his homeland to lead a grumbling nation through the wilderness and died before entering the promised land. Throughout his journey, Moses experienced both honor and hardship. He followed, trusted and obeyed God. And he faced his trials with great courage.

In the adventure of life, the road is often rough, with challenges around every corner; happy endings are not guaranteed. Currently, I’m struggling with a health issue and have no idea what will happen. But if I follow the example of Moses, I know that God will be present with me. If we follow Moses’ advice to Joshua to be of great courage because God is with us, we can find strength to endure hardships. If we choose to trust and obey, like Moses and Joshua, we will find that our trust in God’s faithfulness is well placed.

Prayer—Dear Father, help us to trust in your faithful promise to be with us in whatever life brings. Amen.

Thought for the Day—In whatever life brings, I can trust God’s faithfulness.

Lynn Karidis (Michigan)