10 things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

It’s a short week because of the Thanksgiving holiday. On Tuesday my youngest son brought home his turkey hand art from pre-k and as we were walking down the hall he told me, "Happy Thanksgiving!" He"s awfully excited about the holiday and has been telling us what he’s been thankful for. From the sounds of it he’s thankful for his family, Fred the Corgi and where we live.

Here’s 10 things I’m thankful for this year.

1. We made our first bank payment for the land and cattle notes. We successfully raised a calf crop and got them to town for a decent price. Not as much as we were hoping, but we have to start somewhere. Now we can plan for next year.

2. My house is dirty. Yes, I’m thankful we have a dirty house. It means that I’m out doing other things and not concerned with keeping a tidy house. Some might not agree with this, but to be outside of the house and not indoors is a good thing for me. Can’t win buckles for a clean house!

3. My boys are loud and obnoxious. This means they’re thinking. They’re active and not sitting with a smart phone or computer. As much as they drive me absolutely crazy, they’re learning and trying to become good little humans.

4. We have a home. Each month for the past 8 years we’ve been able to make a house payment. This means we have a place to lay our head and come home to. We have a place for all our stuff and a place for the boys to make their own memories.

5. My husband has gotten back to what’s important to him and something he’s good at. Riding colts. He’d been on a decade-long hiatus. After working at the sale barn last fall and helping a few people gather their cattle he got bitten by the horse bug again. Even though he spends a lot of time away from us because of the horses, I understand his happiness.

6. I have a job I enjoy going to nearly every day. I get to write about things I am knowledgeable about and sometimes stuff I care about a great deal. I get to travel and visit with farmers and ranchers about what’s important to them.

7. I’m thankful for photography. I absolutely love sharing what I see with my eyes and creating a beautiful image. Photo sessions with families are such a neat experience and I get to see how they interact and capture it for them.

8. Even though I don’t like the extra pounds I’m carrying around it does mean I have enough. It means I am nourished and won’t starve any time soon.

9. Family. I’m truly thankful for our family, especially my mother. She takes care of my boys better than I can at times and makes sacrifices even though she doesn’t have to. And that I truly appreciate.

10. Horses. Even though I don’t ride as much as I once did, the horses still keep me sane and I’m thankful for that. It’s a struggle to keep them fed and watered at times, because of the weather and time commitments but it’s worth it. Sometimes in the morning I go and bury my face in my mare’s neck and take a deep breath. Her smell makes all right with the world.

So whatever it is that your thankful for voice it. Tell the important people in your lives that you’re happy they are there for you and thankful for the help and support they provide. Happy Thanksgiving!!