Price slide again hits the cattle market

What will be the next excuse to run the cattle market lower? They always say it’s run down hill but how come are we at the bottom of the hill?

And maybe we are not the only ones at the bottom of the hill but it seems like it is most of the time. I realize the China problem is a big deal but it all gets tiring.

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl but I did listen to it on the way home. But I did get a review from the cowboy table at breakfast the next morning. I have to agree with them even though I am fairly open-minded that we don’t really need a strip-tease act for half time. And worse than that, any act that will not salute the flag should never be allowed to represent America.

There are other ways to show their frustration but not saluting the flag and not showing enough respect when there is a prayer is pathetic. Let’s all put pressure on the NFL to hire class acts that respect America.

Grazing demand seems to be strong. It might have weakened a little with lower futures but still has very good demand. It seemed the better end of the good strings of feeder steers would bring $10 per hundredweight more than the mixed color set. Everyone has his preference but I don’t really care what they look like I just want them to make money. Several years ago it seemed easy to make money but ever since cattle fell from those higher prices it seems more difficult. By the time you pay the interest and try to pay the expenses there isn’t quite enough money for that, let alone anything called profit.

I think cow numbers are shrinking and in the next couple of years should get more profitable. Well, at least that is my hope.

A friend of mine took his wife out to dinner on their 40th wedding anniversary. He said to his wife, “What would you like for your anniversary? Would you like a Jaguar, mink coat or diamond necklace?”

She said, “No, I want a divorce!” He said, “I wasn’t really planning on spending that much!”

My wife has been leaving jewelry catalogs all over the house. So I finally got the hint. I bought her a magazine rack.

Preschool rules and bar rules are the same. If you wet your pants you go home.

All men should make coffee for their wives. It says right in the Bible—Hebrews.

Editor’s note: Jerry Nine, Woodward, Oklahoma, is a lifetime cattleman who grew up on his family’s ranch near Slapout, Oklahoma.