Helpful household tips

Clean up the overshoes

A reader said that she visited a friend recently and about fell over when the friend put her husband’s overshoes as well as those of her children and their tennis shoes in the washing machine. The friend told her that she’s done it for years with no problems. The reader says she’s going to try it at calving time because she ends up doing the cleaning. She states, “We shall see what the machine looks like when I’ve done it the first time.”

Address saver

When sending packages or big envelopes through the mail it is suggested to use a black marker or crayon to write on the address and then cover it with strips of clear tape. This way if the parcel gets wet the address will not smear and be unreadable. This hint was shared by a relative that delivers mail on a rural route over dirt roads.

Easy gum remover

A reader wrote that her son, a 5 year old, was gummed. This is when a huge wad of gum is smashed into the hair on the top of his head by an older child in the hallway. It is supposed to be a huge joke. Anyway, the kid came home in tears and they were trying to get the gum out when a friend who is a retired teacher came along took a couple of eggs out of the fridge, separated the whites out, whipped them up and plopped them on the gummy mess and began to rub. The reader said all the gum loosened up and came right out and the teacher said, “Works every time.”

Senior baskets

Many of our senior citizens are now living in nursing homes and with COVID cannot get out to visit, let along shop for things they need. A reader wrote that perhaps one could find a small basket and put some stamps and pretty cards in it so the folks could at least keep in touch by mail at least.

Hairy house

A reader wrote that her grandmother has a hairy house due to her pets and they couldn’t figure out how to get rid of all the hair. Someone told them that used dryer sheets will capture cat and dog hair so one of the granddaughters went to a laundromat and picked up as many used dryer sheets as she could find. Then she went to Grandma’s house and wiped it down. Grandma was pleased and is looking forward to more hair removal visits from the granddaughter.

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