Certified Angus Beef® chef celebrates beef month

Every flavor-filled dish chef Gavin Pinto serves up is a celebration of beef products—whether it is the month of May and national beef month or not. Pinto, of Wooster, Ohio, was inspired to become a chef by both of his grandmothers, who were talented cooks.

“Growing up, our kitchen was a congregation where family gathered, and the smell of delicious meals lingered,” Pinto said.

He is now the chef of consumer innovation at Certified Angus Beef® and creates new recipes for consumers and participates in food photography styling, cooking videos and media appearances. Pinto also oversees the CAB® test kitchen.

Gavin Pinto, chef of consumer innovation at Certified Angus Beef® (Courtesy photo.)

“Beef stands outs to me for its unparalleled flavor and versatility,” Pinto said. “Grilling up a perfect medium-rare steak, paired with a fresh salad and sourdough, is pure satisfaction.”

Pinto said some of the most fulfilling aspects of being a celebrity chef with CAB® are being able to share his love for quality beef and empowering others to cook with confidence.

“We tell a beef story through various platforms like YouTube and media engagements,” Pinto said. “We get to pass along knowledge at a deeper level to teach consumers about beef and where it comes from.”

Pinto sees beef as the premier protein product that all consumers prefer, which is why it is always in demand.

“Beyond its incredible taste, beef is seen as a celebratory meal,” Pinto said. “It’s the go-to choice for special occasions and memorable meals.”

According to Pinto, beef is in a class of its own. Not only is it desirable from a taste perspective, but it is also an extremely healthy food choice.

“Beef is a powerhouse of nutrition,” Pinto said. “Packed with iron and protein, it’s an essential part of any balanced diet. For me, a well-balanced meal isn’t complete without a generous serving of beef on my plate.”

Pinto said his favorite way to cook beef is to fire up the grill and use hardwood lump charcoal to lock in the flavor. His favorite cuts of beef are the classic ribeye, slow-cooked short ribs or a hanger steak.

Although the taste of beef promotes itself, Pinto said it is important that the story of beef continue to be told. The beef production cycle is a multi-year process, which includes countless individuals at different stages of the growing phase and post-process. Every one of those individuals, from the rancher to the processer to the chef who put the final product in front of the consumer, can advocate for beef and its many benefits.

“Improving connections between beef producers and consumers is all about transparency,” Pinto said. “By sharing the story behind each cut of beef and highlighting the hard work of producers, we can foster that relationship and create a community of beef lovers who are passionate about great food.”

CAB® and the Sysco Corporation are generously providing the lunch at the 2024 Cattle U event, set for June 25 in Manhattan, Kansas. To learn more about attending the Cattle U event, visit www.cattleu.net.

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