Create a family-friendly grazing board 

Breakfast charcuterie board. (Photo courtesy of Family Features.)

(Family Features) A beautifully designed charcuterie board may feel more like a grown-up treat, but with the right ingredients, delicious grazing boards can provide fun and nutrition for the whole family. 

No matter what you call it, charcuterie boards, grazing boards and snack platters are all basically the same thing. The boards make a trendy addition to an entertaining menu, but a platter or kid-friendly board can be equally pleasing. 

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Weekend Breakfast Grazing Board

Hard-boiled eggs 

Cooked sausage links 

Mini frozen waffles, toasted 

Mini frozen pancakes, toasted 

Mini muffins 


Fresh fruit 



On grazing board or platter, arrange eggs, sausage links, toasted waffles, toasted pancakes, muffins, yogurt, fruit, syrup and jelly. 

Recipe courtesy of Healthy Family Project’s “Come Graze With Us” e-cookbook.

PHOTO: Breakfast charcuterie board. (Photo courtesy of Family Features.)