Lundell Plastics launches EZ ROLL Gate Wheel

(Photo courtesy of Lundell Plastics.)

Lundell Plastics has developed custom plastic solutions for the agricultural and industrial industry for more than 42 years. The company’s dedication to innovation continues today with the launch of its latest product, the EZ ROLL Gate Wheel.

Located in the small community of Odebolt, Iowa, Lundell Plastics’ agriculture roots run deep. From raising livestock to producing corn and soybeans across multiple operations, the family-owned company has tested the products it produces on its farms.

Aptly named the EZ ROLL Gate Wheel, the company’s latest product is built to withstand the demands of daily gate usage in hog facilities. Engineered to maintain a smooth rolling motion, the EZ ROLL Gate Wheel aids gate opening and closing, saving producers time and effort.

Made from durable, long-lasting poly material, the EZ ROLL is built for livestock production, and its two-piece construction is designed to make it easy to adapt to existing hog gates.

The idea for the EZ ROLL Gate Wheel came from members of the Lundell family. “This is a product that came from our own experience on the farm,” Brian Lundell said. “My brother Brad and I wanted to find a way to make it easier to swing gates in livestock areas while exerting minimal effort. We’ve achieved that goal with the EZ ROLL (Gate Wheel).”

Those interested in learning more about the EZ ROLL Gate Wheel can call Lundell Plastics directly at 877-367-7659 or visit