4-H encourages teamwork, service and leadership

Together is better than alone. The 4-H club my family and I are in is wonderful. On the smaller side, our club tries to be welcoming to new 4-H families and invite others to join the 4-H program and our club. For an office this year I was secretary, which was a great experience! It helped me to learn to take quick and efficient notes, and to type the minutes as soon after the meeting as possible. I was able to serve on two committees this year, the club entry for 4-H Day and an informational tour. Since together we can do so much, our club works together to make the best better.

4-H provides many opportunities to serve. With our club, we have planted the flower boxes on Main Street in our small town and helped set up the fair grounds for the Nemaha County Free Fair. 4-H also encourages service outside of 4-H activities. Babysitting is a service I do quite a bit. Every year my home town of Bern, Kansas, has a big 4th of July celebration, and needs many people to volunteer. This year I helped out with managing the inflatables. 4-H encourages service and provides some opportunities to do service.

Leadership is important and needed. Without a leader there is confusion, and no one knows what to do. 4-H encourages members to take action and be a leader whether it is being a counselor at camp, helping out with a workshop, or babysitting. Even just hanging out with little kids gives plenty of opportunity to be a leader, by doing what is right as an example to the children and helping them do what is right. This year I was one of the older people in our 4-H club, so I had some leadership opportunities whether helping the younger 4-Her’s with their record books, or with their fair projects, or helping them with their club office. 4-H encourages and provides many opportunities for leadership by mingling various ages.

—Amanda Krehbiel is from Bern, Kansas.