Viral spiral


I’m scared, and I think that what is on my mind a lot of the time is simply this virus stuff. You turn on the television and any kind of news and that is what is on. I wonder if other people are very affected by this constant bombardment of doom.

My husband and I live in a rural area and we have little contact out in the country, but what could happen is scary. I have stopped watching the news when our children are around and that has helped. But when they go to bed I’m back to the news again. My husband seems not to be concerned as he is out working. He just says not to worry, but how can I not worry.

I am the kind of person who worries a lot of the time anyway. It is just worse now and it affects an ongoing anxiety problem that I have anyway. I’m not sure that I know how to stop or I would.


Many people are apprehensive right now, so you are not alone. This is the challenge: when you think of something over and over again, you give that thought a lot of power over you. It is like creating a being of thought, it likes to be fed. Every time you think the thought it grows more and more.

I have taught people to do thought stopping. It is an old technique but very helpful:

You start thinking the thought, and you have a rubber band on your wrist, then you pop the rubber band and say to yourself, “Stop it, refocus.” This usually stops it for awhile. Your mind will restart the thought and you will have to pop the rubber band sometimes again and again. You often dislodge the thought because you have to pop the rubber band.

Turn off the television or watch Disney movies, no violent content. Play board games. Pray. If you are Catholic, the rosary works pretty well. You can use a chant like: God, Lord, peace, and health. Use a word that describes God: Love, peace, good will. Just keep repeating in your mind. The most powerful thought wins. You can repeat: All things are possible through God. We forget and fall back in, but we can change what we think with enough power. We are not alone.

You have heard that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. People are frightened right now, but we are built to survive as we have for a good long time. Follow the rules of good food, good air, cleanliness and good thought.

Blessings to our earth and all the people on it for courage, peace, good thoughts and love.