Maintaining our peace when things are falling apart


How do I maintain myself when things are falling apart? I wonder what to do with myself during this crazy time in the United States and worldwide. I’m not the kind of person that is easily scared, but this whole thing has me spooked. Our small community has not had cases until the last week. By my observation it seems like that’s how it starts and then cases continue. What do I do when I have to take care of my family, and there is no guarantee that we will all be safe?


It has been unsettling. The usual ways that we have heard of are the best ways to stay in a space of health. Those methods are pretty much posted everywhere.

You mental health becomes an issue when you are constantly thinking of a problem. My personal way of taking care of myself is to de-stress, slow down and calm down, breathe and remind myself of what I have and not what I could lose.

You can’t stay healthy if you are running all kinds of scenarios through your mind of being unhealthy and catastrophising about what might be. If you understand that your immune system goes down when you worry or stress yourself. Stop. You can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought coming to mind. Using this time as a reflective time and utilizing your time with your family would be a good thing. If you have been busy working, like most of us have, maybe you could use the time to be present for your own well being.

When you begin to worry you could use a rubber band on your wrist and pop that rubber band when you begin to stress yourself. Our mind has to be retrained to change tracks more or less. If you allow your thoughts to run away with you, you will likely feel worse. Keep coming back to we have been healthy and we will remain healthy. I can do this.

You could all use the mantra of peace, love and good will. Practice blessing others for their health. Use your spiritual strength to settle down. Pray regularly. Thank God for what you have and be in a space of gratitude. When I get to a point when I need to change my thinking, I repeat in my own mind that all things are possible through God.

My encouragement is that we will get through this and more. Our country and our people have managed to get through a lot of things. We will continue to thrive again. We are survivors.