Sunflower oil production makes up 9% of all vegetable oil produced globally

Sunflower oil is one of the top four vegetable oils produced and consumed around the world. Commonly found in salad dressings, sunflower oil is widely used by consumers, likely for its light taste and healthy dosage of vitamin E.

In the 2020-2021 marketing year, sunflower oil accounted for 9% of major vegetable oils produced globally. Ukraine is the major global producer and exporter of sunflower oil, producing a total of 5.9 million tons in 2020-2021, or 31% of all sunflower oil output, and 3% of major vegetable oils produced globally.

Furthermore, Ukraine exported roughly 90% of its sunflower oil production in 2020-2021 to trade partners such as the European Union, India, China, Egypt, and Turkey. These destinations together accounted for 65% of global sunflower oil exports.

Market uncertainty about sunflower oil supplies from Ukraine has created additional demand for other vegetable oils, such as palm, soybean, and canola. Supplies of these alternatives are expected to be tight in the 2021-2022 marketing year, contributing to elevated vegetable oil prices. Information drawn from USDA’s Economic Research Service’s Oil Crops Outlook, April 2022.