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Emily Campbell, a Hoxie, Kansas, restauranteur who worked under renowned chefs in Seattle, Washington, loves to share culinary specialties to the heartland while also offering Kansas-raised beef as a staple. Campbell was interviewed for the “Kansas: One bite a time” cover story by Amy Bickel, which was the No. 2 read story, according to hpj.com. (Courtesy photo.) 

As 2023 came to a close readers—based on our analysis from HPJ.com—were busy and it provided us a snapshot of what they found intriguing. 

Here is a quick summary of the top 30 stories, some of which were web-only stories. At the bottom of the story the links are listed. 

The top story was “What to do now to ensure a green lawn in the spring” that was submitted by Adam Thoms, a turfgrass specialist at Iowa State University that was released Sept. 25.  

Finding unique places to see in the Sunflower State was the No. 2 story “Kansas: One bite at a time,” written by Amy Bickel came out May 12. 

A unique story written by Field Editor Lacey Vilhauer, “Mysterious mutilations: Who or what is killing these cattle,” which was first penned in October 2022 was reposted to the delight of readers. 

Weather and the extended drought were noted by readers. Vilhauer’s “Explosion at Dimmitt, Texas dairy farm injures one, kills cattle” was widely read when it was posted April 12. Six articles where readers were wanting to get information on hay, which included the state-by-state hay summary and area hay prices, was proof of the impact of a long drought. 

A couple of noteworthy stories about country living found their way in front of readers. Vilhauer’s “Terry Bradshaw sells Oklahoma ranch” appeared on Nov. 15. Bradshaw is a four-time Super Bowl champion, Pro Football Hall of Fame member and FOX Sports analyst who also is well-known for his interest in ranching and horses. Another popular story with a recurring theme was first released in June 2021. That story, by Vilhauer, was “‘Yellowstone’ creator purchases 6666 Ranch.” 

“Into the unknown: Rural health care in America often overlooked” was written by Field Editor Kylene Scott for the Rural America cover story and was online June 30. 

Ranching was on the minds of readers. Linda Geist, from the University of Missouri, submitted “10 tips to bulletproof your beef operation” was placed online Dec. 14. Michael Langemeier, from the Purdue University, contributed “Trend in breakeven prices for cattle finishing” Nov. 16. Scott’s “Retaining ownership of calves could pay for beef producers” was a story she penned for Oct. 2 and was noted by readers. “Tips for feeding steers at home,” written by Lisa Moser with Kansas State University Research and Extension, was on the mind of readers in a story first listed in 2020. 

“The rollercoaster effect found in cattle futures,” written by Just a Scoopful columnist Jerry Nine Dec. 8 was another attention getter. 

“KFRM pays $5,000 reward following conviction” appeared online Dec. 21 was a livestock story. 

Farm equipment also caught readers’ attention. “An update announced for Deere 7 to 9 series” was a big draw Oct. 21. “Tractor restoration projects that kept the past alive on an Oklahoma farm” went online Dec. 25 and was submitted by Candace Krebs of OKGenetics.com. “Americana on display with vintage machinery,” a story by Editor Dave Bergmeier and found online Dec. 22, also proved popular. 

Several regular features involving current news also registered with readers. “Inflation hikes up cost of July Fourth barbecues on, but consumers are resilient” on June 30 and the “Domestic demand for soybeans” on June 23, were both pieces by David Murray. 

Several fun stories also caught our eye. “Iowa Pork enters NIL agreement with Iowa State football players Purchase, Moore, Hamann, Bacon” was a headline grabber on Sept. 29. 

“Homespun festivals help promote High Plains ag,” a cover story written by Amy Bickel was well-received by readers when it was posted June 23. 

Another big mover was the “Pros and cons of Southern Magnolias” that was first submitted in 2018 by Ann Larson with Oklahoma State University Extension

“A warm dessert that is just peachy” by HPJ Account Representative Bettye Lovelace was pleasing to the tongue and was part of a cookbook project that commemorated the 15th year of the All Aboard Harvest campaign. The dessert was posted online Dec. 4. 

Readers liked several poignant stories. “A cotton grower loses eyesight but not his vision for farming” was written by Vilhauer and was posted March 10. “A Cowboy’s Faith: Square baler to Nebraska” was submitted by Frank Buchman as readers enjoyed hearing about yesteryear Sept. 21. 

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