Aberdeen feeder cattle sale results

Hub City Livestock Auction, Aberdeen, South Dakota, reported receipts of 2,049 head selling a week ago, 1,873 head trading June 30 and 3,029 head selling a year ago, according to USDA-South Dakota Department of Agriculture Market News, Worthing, South Dakota.

There were different weight classes to compare to the June 30 sale and develop an accurate price trend. Higher undertones were noted on both steers and heifers. There was good to very good demand for this offering featuring mostly strings and loads and a handful of packages. Quality varied a bit more from plain to attractive with most of the variety seen in the packages. Flesh was mostly light to moderate plus. Some consignments off grass again this sale as the grass dries up and producers have no other grass to move them to. An active market was seen for this offering with buyers taking multiple loads of cattle many times when offered. There has been widespread rain over much of the state with more chances of precipitation in the future. Cooler temperatures have followed giving crops and livestock some much needed relief. Supply included: 100% feeder cattle (66% steers, 34% heifers). Feeder cattle supply over 600 pounds was 99%.

Feeder steers: Medium and large frame 1, per hundredweight/actual weight, 5 head, 590 lbs., 171.00; 29 head, 666-693 lbs., 162.00-167.50 (163.67); 93 head, 753-796 lbs., 154.75-165.00 (159.24); 327 head, 806-833 lbs., 148.50-157.35 (156.12); 374 head, 922-945 lbs., 145.00-148.50 (147.03); 314 head, 951-989 lbs., 144.25-147.25 (145.97).

Feeder heifers: Medium and large frame 1, per hundredweight/actual weight, 5 head, 535 lbs., 157.00; 15 head, 693 lbs., 143.00; 48 head, 753-764 lbs., 140.50-141.00 (140.71); 192 head, 950-978 lbs., 130.00-134.50 (134.04).