Clovis feeder cattle sale results

Clovis Livestock Auction, Clovis, New Mexico, reported receipts of 745 head selling a week ago, 1,522 head trading June 23 and 1,804 head selling a year ago, according to USDA-New Mexico Department of Agriculture Market News, Portales, New Mexico.

Compared to the June 23 sale, steer calves under 600 pounds were selling unevenly steady to $4 lower, though quality was not as attractive. Feeders over 600 pounds were trading steady on limited comparable quotes except a few weighing 750 to 800 pounds that were selling $4 higher. Heifer calves and feeders were trading unevenly steady, with a few weighing 600 to 650 pounds that were selling $4 higher. Quality was not as attractive on feeders. Rain in the trade area the past few weeks has improved the outlook and created some optimism concerning the outlook for future pasture and may have limited receipts. Supply included: 70% feeder cattle (41% steers, 59% heifers). Feeder cattle supply over 600 pounds was 28%.