VanMaanen plans to use his experience to build livestock industry

Mike VanMaanen (Courtesy photo.)

Following his election as the next president of the Livestock Marketing Association, Mike VanMaanen will bring to his new position decades of expertise and a strong love for the livestock business.

Having committed his life to agriculture and livestock, VanMaanen, who is an owner with the Eastern Missouri Commission Co., in Bowling Green, wants to guide the association through important developments and obstacles in the sector.

VanMaanen, pictured above in the courtesy photo, started out in agriculture as a corn, soybean and hog farmer on his family’s farm in Iowa. When he married into the livestock marketing industry, his career took a dramatic change, and he has found great fulfillment in it.

“I enjoy selling livestock because it’s what I’ve done my whole life,” VanMaanen said. “Growing up in Iowa, I was a corn, soybean and hog producer for my dad. I then married into the livestock marketing business. I find it rewarding to sell cattle at the highest price for my customers. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and giving back to the livestock community.”

Adjusting to change

Over the years, VanMaanen has seen and adjusted to a great deal of change in the cattle business. One of the biggest changes has been the industry’s revolutionizing move toward online livestock marketing.

“The biggest change I’ve seen in our industry is how we market our livestock,” he noted. We can now market livestock online. People across the country now have access to these sales. Money and cattle are being moved differently, and we see the issues that this poses each day.”

As the incoming president, VanMaanen pledges to take up these concerns and make sure that the association’s members are knowledgeable and ready for the future. During his term, he has determined that two primary areas of emphasis would be teaching members about current marketing trends and addressing the diminishing amount of roughage available for livestock.

“As president, I hope to better inform our members and this field on the marketing patterns and how the number of cattle and acres of roughage available are dropping each day,” VanMaanen said. “We need to raise consciousness of these issues and prepare our next generation for this field.”

Commitment well known

Peers have consistently praised VanMaanen for his aggressive leadership style and commitment to the livestock sector, according to a news release from the Livestock Marketing Association. For the group, which is negotiating a fast-changing environment, his appointment as president is viewed as a positive move.

Under VanMaanen’s direction, the Livestock Marketing Association plans to help its members to better use technology. VanMaanen believes he is well-positioned to close the gap between current methods and upcoming developments because of his vast experience in both conventional and modern facets of livestock marketing.

Fostering a cooperative atmosphere where members can exchange information and resources is part of VanMaanen’s association vision. He thinks the cattle community can overcome obstacles and keep prospering by cooperating.

As he assumes his new position, VanMaanen will concentrate on making sure the Livestock Marketing Association continues to be an essential resource for its members. His mission is to support the association in maintaining the integrity and customs of the business while navigating the challenges of contemporary cattle marketing.

The Livestock Marketing Association, under the direction of VanMaanen, appears well-positioned to face the future with resiliency and confidence, knowing its history and being prepared to steer it into a bright future.

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